Crete has a veritable wealth of accommodation to suit virtually every pocket, and whim. The onset of package tourism in the last century gave rise to the 'family run' apartment block or hotel which for some reason always seem to have 23 apartment/studios, but many are smaller than that.

A bit of terminology to help you out... A 'studio' would normally comprise a single room with twin beds (maybe 3 or 4), with a 'kitchenette' to one side, and a bathroom. An apartment is more than one room, i.e. it has a separate bedroom but in the lounge area there will be more 'pull out/fold down' beds, plus you get the kitchen and the bathroom as well. Occasionally you can also get a 'family apartment' which means it has two bedrooms plus the lounge area etc. Don't expect to find double beds everywhere because this is Greece and a lot of accommodations don't provide them.

More recently there has been the addition of 'all-inclusives' and 'mega' hotels taking hundreds of guests and providing a plethora of restaurants and bars within the complex, two swimming pools, swim up rooms, a health spa, and a creche, which could be anywhere in the world, although many of these are outside the reach of even the 'gay dollar/pound/euro' in spite of what we are led to believe!

Prices vary from economic to ridiculously expensive, however generally prices for accommodation on Crete are some of the cheapest in the world!

Interestingly, the 'mass tourism' model that Greece adopted, means that most family run apartment blocks are used to the arrival of groups of guests of the same sex, so if you have booked an apartment you will often find that the bedroom contains a double bed. If you feel it necessary you can always tell the cleaner that you are saving on laundry!

So is there any 'gay' accommodation?

Simple answer is 'Yes'.

As far as we know at this moment only one places mention the word 'gay' on their website. This is Home Hotel located just outside Hersonissos, which is just about the most cosmopolitan area on Crete.

Villa Ralfa, an LGBT information site,which TripAdvisor seems to think is a hotel, can help with some suggestions for accommodation, Home Hotel which is located nearby (originally in the centre of Port Hersonissos), was opened 3 years ago and being a hotel has more rooms plus a bar and a pool. Villa Ralfa is not a commercial enterprise so does not have a pool or a bar (although they usually have plentiful supplies of ice), but it does have an interesting garden with an outdoor hot tub, a clothing optional area, and a house dog in case you are missing your own. And the owner is happy for you stop by and have a chat!
LGBT, gay and lesbian hotel accommodations, Crete, Greece
Home Hotel, one of the double rooms.

As you would expect Home Hotel has interior decorations which are a bit more than the 'basic' that you would get in most hotels, with individual colour schemes in each room and a little bit more 'comfort' than you get in some other apartment/hotel blocks.

Around the island you will find other accommodation which is listed as 'gay friendly', although so-called 'gay travel specialists' have succeeded in booking gay and lesbian couples into some of the 5 star hotels who will not allow a couple of the same sex to share a room with a double bed. (This isn't homophobia, the reasons are different).

For a 'high end' hotel take a look at Destsetters and for more basic accommodations including homestay and b & b accommodations take a look at Misterbnb or Gay Homestays

Expect to have to pay a deposit when booking accommodation, if you have to cancel then expect to lose all or some of your deposit depending on how soon before your arrival that you cancel! And remember, this is Greece, many places do not have web sites and still do not accept 'electronic' bookings, particularly in the smaller villages/resorts, but you can usually find a telephone number for them so give them a call. It's all part of the 'Crete Experience'.

As we say on Crete 'Don't be shy', you have found a place you really would like to stay but cannot find a website, then call them. And there is really no risk in getting here and finding accommodation when you arrive. 'Backpackers' do it all the time, booking only an initial night and then heading off to where public transport takes them.

But one thing is certain, while we all like to splurge occasionally on an expensive hotel, the best option when visiting Crete is to avoid the large all-inclusive resorts, after all you are not going to see much of the island from the inside of one of these hotels no matter how many bars, pools, creches, spas, restaurants, or self awarded stars it has!